SparrowOne Subscription Billing Delivers

If your business runs on subscription billing, SparrowOne’s MPS system can help save you money, and keep your payments safe and secure. We?ve recently implemented numerous solutions for these clients because of the unique nature of our services inside of the Managed Payment Services Platform.

Interchange Optimizer

Subscription billing transaction are set to run a lower interchange rate than a regular transaction. However, when a transaction is missing information, that can cost you upwards of 50 basis points or 1/2 %. SparrowOne’s Interchange Optimizer guarantees you pay the lowest rate for each subscription billing transaction that runs through our system.

Fraud Prevention

Hackers are more likely to attack subscription billing companies that lack shopping cart security such as requiring CVV certification, or address verification. SparrowOne’s expertise in subscription billing fraud allow us to set predefined rules that help prevent unauthorized subscription purchases.

Card Update

Customer churn due to expiring credit cards results in a decline in revenue. SparrowOne’s Card Update tool ensures that every client saved in your subscription billing platform has up to date credit card information by scanning for and updating cards that are about to expire.