Payments Fly With SparrowOne

Early in the company?s existence, we noticed Airlines were being underserved by gateway providers because of the complex nature of their payments and the risks associated with the business model. This led to our increased focus into the airline space to solve these specific issues.

Partnership with ARC

This special integration allows the SparrowOne MPS platform to seamlessly integrate with the popular ticketing system. This continue partnership over years has provide a high level of feature integration.


Interchange Optimization

Just as one example, many flyers use company business cards for air travel, those transactions are subject to expensive downgrades. Utilizing SparrowOne’s Interchange Optimization service, you can limit those downgrades which will dramatically reduce your overall interchange fees.

Customer Scoring


Utilizing SparrowOne’s Customer Scoring System you can quickly see who best customers are, allowing you target your marketing initiatives around those top clients.

Fraud Control

Airlines are one of the most challenged industries when it comes to fraud and chargebacks. SparrowOne’s FBI tools system combats these fraudsters by setting up rules specific to airlines that notice fraudulent patterns and block illegitimate transaction before they occur.