Built To Support Special Payment Solution Industries

There is no such thing as a simple payment. Those days are long gone. Not only are the payment types unique but the solutions for payments are typically customized for specific segments of the market. ?SparrowOne has over a decade of experience and relationships that have positioned us to support some very unique client environments that we want to highlight.


The nature of the purchase of a ticket alone makes for a big challenge since so many purchases are made months in advance of their use. This creates a risk or liability for the airline and the bank processor. Managing through this, special order management system integrations and fraudulent situations is where SparrowOne?s expertise shines.

Direct Marketers

Accepting payments and then paying downline associates presents a very unique challenge. ?Working with bank processors to understand this ?business model and mitigate its risk is another challenge. ?We have successful experience working with some of the largest direct marketers over the last decade.

Travel Services

Vacations, cruises or touring company present numerous unique payment scenarios. ?The ability to integrate fraud tools, subscription billing models and chargeback management is a powerful combination for these companies.

Subscription Businesses

The subscription billing model is new for most bank processors. ?These companies have unique feature requirements, such as a billing platform, as well as need special handling with the banks to understand their risk profile. ?The unique capability to securely update an expired card on file can help clients grow their revenues dramatically.