Support from SparrowOne

SparrowOne understands the importance of system uptime when it comes to payment processing and payment gateways. There are no excuses when the processing of your client?s payment is on the line. That is why SparrowOne delivers a best in class support delivery process in the unlikely event of a service issue.

System Uptime

We pride ourselves in the execution of our system uptime and service support when an issue occurs. We?re so proud of our performance that we are willing to provide a public monitor of our performance for your review at any time (see below). Our minimum service level delivery is 99.99% as define in our Service Level Agreement available to all customers or prospects.

Entity Contact Inquiry
Technical Support Telephone: 1-888-373-4573 Gateway Outage

Support Process

When there is a problem, we want to respond immediately. SparrowOne has implementing numerous proactive system monitoring tools to provide our support team immediate notification of software or hosting issues. However, we ask our clients and partners to provide immediately notification of any issues that may be impacting their payment processing.

Alerts and Updates

Each customer or partner is responsible to provide SPARROW valid current contact information so that we can update you on any technical performance issues. Our only communication method with all clients or partners is through a service called This webpage service is accessible around the clock for review of SparrowOne gateway service or performance situations. To review our service record or to subscribe to updates, please go to

Our support team looks forward to assisting you with the implementation and ongoing changes and updates to your MPS platform.