Secure Payments

Simple Merchant Processing

Simple Merchant Processing with SparrowOne

At Sparrow, a team of professional and dedicated specialists help you find the best electronic payment processing relationships for your business.

Our professionals have decades of experience helping clients find the right processor to support their business model and manage their transaction costs. Much like securing a bank loan, it takes expertise and experience to secure the right terms for your business and move the process along quickly.


SparrowOne conducts an analysis of your current processing history to align you with the right banking solution to reduce complexity, reduce costs and align you for growth. As part of our ongoing service, we closely monitor your account for continued cost and service optimization.

Merchant Health

Much like a bank loan, processors will elect to increase fees or even terminate an account if they feel risk is increasing. SparrowOne proactively monitors and manages activity to identify areas of risk and concern to ensure your merchant account remains healthy.

Industry Leading Payment Gateway

SparrowOne’s Industry Leading Payment Gateway

Increase your payment efficiencies with SparrowOne’s advanced software that can automatically lower your interchange rates and ensure you are executing every transaction at the optimal rate. SparrowOne provides a basic transaction option or a bundled offering with all of the functionality below.

Increase your payment efficiencies with advanced software for lowering interchange rates, to ensure you are effectively executing transactions.


Defend against hackers and fraudsters with a suite of products and services to ensure your payment security is best in class.


Utilize industry leading interchange optimization capabilities to reduce your total cost of payments, not just your merchant services rate.


Use our experts for all aspects of payment management to reduce your merchant resource costs and management overhead.