Simple Merchant Processing with SparrowOne

At Sparrow, a team of professional and dedicated specialists help you find the best electronic payment processing relationships for your businesses. Decades of experience equips our specialists with the knowledge required to find a perfect match between acquiring banks and merchants.

The value to working with SparrowOne to secure your payment processing:


Our professionals have years of experience helping clients find the right processor to support their business model and manage their transaction costs. This process is much like securing a bank loan and takes the expertise and experience to move the process along quickly to secure the right relationship.


SparrowOne provides upfront analysis of your current processing history to find the right banking partnership to position each client for long-term growth. Once the relationship has started, we continually evaluate the performance to make sure we are meeting the client?s success criteria and optimizing ways for them to grow their business.

Merchant Health:

Believe it or not, there is effort that goes into managing the merchant account once it begins processing. The processor continually reviews your account to make sure the volumes and any risks are accommodated. Much like a bank loan, the processor will elect to increase fees or even terminate if they feel like the risk is growing. SparrowOne works with our merchants to highlight areas of risk so that we can proactively manage them so that the merchant account remains healthy.

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