SparrowOne Partnerships

Managed Payment Services is a team sport. The opportunity to work with recognized financial leaders provides SparrowOne the chance to delivery solutions to our customers to support any environment. The select partners below outline some of the value that we can deliver to your organization.
Specializing exclusively in Global Payouts, Hyperwallet is SparrowOne’s go to partner for all our client?s needing a robust international payout solution.
JPMorgan Chase & Co are experienced and reliable payment processors in the industry. Our partnership with them allows our clients to directly connect to their processing platform without the need to jump through development hurdles.
Moving into the fast growing Asian Markets is critical for growth. Leverage Sparrow?s integration with ChinaPay to quickly access these markets.
Airlines love to use ARC to maximize their processing efficiencies. By partnering and integrating our payment gateway with ARC, we provide our clients seamless payment processing coupled with ARC?s impeccable reporting system.
TSYS is recognized as one of the best in terms of quality and reliability in the Payment Processing Industry, boasting 25.5 billion transactions processed in 2016. Sparrow?s direct connection makes connecting to their platform a quick and simple process.
Introducing Property Apps, the world?s most advanced cloud-based property management toolbox. Our apps have been developed with the knowledge gained from over ten years of experience owning and managing properties. Each feature is designed to solve the biggest day-to-day problems that both landlords and property managers experience, particularly with regards to the management of tenants and employees.