Payment Processing Solutions

Quality Merchant Services is the cornerstone to your overall payments success. SparrowOne has place hundreds of clients with the right processing bank while managing the important activities required to optimize the payment processing performance and most advantageous transaction cost.


A team of professional specialists help our clients find the best electronic payment processing relationships for their businesses. Decades of experience equips our specialists with the knowledge required to find a perfect match between acquiring banks and merchants.


Understanding your payment history is a key element to solving the payment and fee optimization puzzle. Our financial specialists are eager to conduct a thorough financial analysis based on your payment processing history, simple business metrics and sales patterns. After completion of the analysis, the team will prepare a roadmap outlining how SPARROW can guide you to lower fees, reduced fraud and payment processing optimization.

Account Health

Conducting day-to-day business with proper merchant behavior not only keeps your data secure but will also diminish payment processing costs. We provide periodic FREE sessions for clients to educate them on the ways to manage their daily payments business and avoid the extra expenses that can occur due to cybercrime, high chargebacks, fraud issues and mismanaged payment practices.

Can we help you?

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