Card Refresh Drives Increased Revenues

The Credit Card Updater offers merchants the opportunity to reduce the decline and failure rates associated with recurring payment transactions. On average, 25% of all subscription billings fail each year due to expired or replaced credit cards, increasing unnecessary processing costs and customer attrition. Based on the merchant?s desired intervals, Credit Card Refresh automatically updates credit cards which are expiring or were replaced because they were lost or stolen. SparrowOne?s Data Vault safely stores the new information and ensures that future charges will be successful.

Your Results:

  • No more manually updating customer?s card information due to a lost, expired, or stolen card.
  • Decreased processing cost due to lower decline rates.
  • Reduced customer turnover that is caused by clients not updating their card after a replacement.
  • Reduce customer service agent?s exposure to confidential payment data.

Unique Features of Card Refresh:

  • Ability to choose a designated date and recurrence schedule for a Card Refresh.
  • Multi-tier rules that ensure the Card Refresher only updates cards that fit predefined requirements.
  • Capability to limit the number of Card Refreshes as a means to control spending.

SparrowOne’s fee structure and management features will save most customers 25% to 50% on their monthly update charges.


Recently we reviewed a client?s use of this option with and their migration over to SparrowOne. The cost and performance with SparrowOne made an immediate difference for their management of this important process.

SparrowOne vs
Text Reporting
Report Exporting
Graphical Performance Dashboard
User Defined Periods
Automated Email Report
Control and Management:
Monthly Run
Designate Date for Run (2)
Multi-Tier Rules
Designate by Active or Inactive for ARB Suspends always run
Designate Update Timing
Limit Number of Update Attempts
Cost Estimate Calculator
SparrowOne’s fee structure and management features will save most customers 25 to 50% on monthly.
(1) FAQ indicates these should not be charged but live examples validate they are charged and support responses from validate they will be charged.

(2) These are run on the 14th of the month only, per FAQ.

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