Increase Your Profits and Revenue with Managed Payment Services

SparrowOne started as a Payments Gateway provider and learned very quickly that our client?s required tools and services that helped them to reduce payments expense, increase their profitability and allow them to accept payments in new markets. Thus, we launched our Managed Payments Service platform to allow them to drive new revenues and increase their profitability.

In the vast payments landscape, revenue will be lost if there is limited transaction management and an inability to react to buyer transactions in real-time. SparrowOne helps to find these lost revenue opportunities by offering tools and services that stop them in their tracks.

Card Refresh

Problem: Client credit card purchases are declined based upon card expiration date or a card being lost of stolen. For many merchants, this can cause a significant loss in revenues and terminations of recurring billing subscriptions.

Answer: Keep your cards up to date with SparrowOne’s Card Refresh tool. Automatically update every card, or those you determine require updating, through our Card Refresh dashboard. Reduce churn by updating credit cards stored in your system before they expire.

Customers Scoring

When a customer is spending a lot of money at your business, they should be rewarded, right? Through Customer Scoring the merchant can use a Customer?s transaction history to determine their value to the organization. The merchant can track customer spend, how many and how often they purchase goods and services along with the number of returns and chargebacks. SparrowOne’s customer scoring system assigns customers a score so you can quickly gauge who your best clients are and treat them differently.

The elements you can configure are noted below:

  • Number of Purchases
  • Refunds
  • Declines
  • Sales Amount
  • Number of Purchases a Month