Use Transact to Optimize Your Payment Processing

Increase your payment efficiencies with SparrowOne?s advanced software that can automatically lower your interchange rates and ensure you are executing every transaction at the optimal rate. SparrowOne provides a basic transaction option or a bundled offering with all of the functionality below.


SparrowOne’s Payment Gateway is a simple to use, secure and transparent payment solution. It was designed from the client?s perspective to simplify transaction processing while providing the highest level of data security. The SparrowOnePayment gateway not only performs online transaction processing, it also offers versatile, value added functions such as:


Payments aren?t as simple as processing credit cards. The ability to support, credit, debit, ACH, e-wallets and mobile apps are just a few of the options that your buyer?s will require from your company. Add in support of international currencies and you likely need an expert to support you. Leverage SparrowOne?s payment experts to recommend solutions that support your current clients and open up opportunities for you to grow the markets you support and your business.

Subscription Billing

Charge your clients with ease and flexibility with SparrowOne’s intuitive Subscription & Billing Management System. This system allows clients to customize billing plans, while storing all of subscription billing data in one safe and secure location. You can also create and assign product plans on the fly, or perform one-off invoices to any client saved in your system. Talk to our experts about our basic capabilities or the option for a fully customize billing solution.


  • Auto-Billing information search and match
  • Billing information Storage
  • Automatic or Manual Invoicing

Mobile Payments

The definition of mobile payments has been changing. Jump into the fastest growing market by using SparrowOne’s advanced mobile payment services. Our user friendly API?s along with our standalone mobile app make accepting mobile payments a breeze.

Payouts and Split Payments

There are many situations where distribution of payments and the splitting of payments is critical to your business operation. Look to SparrowOne as a leader in providing this functionality for our numerous direct marketing clients and others for the last decade. Simple to setup, easy to manage and reports that allow you to control your outgoing payments.

Enhanced Revenue Delivery

Payments and the associated technology and services are about about managing the transaction costs and increasing your revenues through increased profits. With SparrowOne?s Interchange Optimizer you can reduce the transaction fees through our automated rules based engine that is updated as interchange rates are modified. Use tools such as our Card Updater that allows you to automatically update credit cards on file so that you don?t miss payments and terminate subscription users. Our experts will guide you on the best ways to enhance your revenue capture.

Currency Support

The world is getting smaller and your growth is likely impacted by your ability to support payments worldwide. Support means both the ability to process and to manage those costs as you expand outside of the United States. SparrowOne can help you to support payments in over 190 countries while managing the exchange and transaction fees associated with each new currency.

SparrowOne is a Leader in Payments

Learn more about how SparrowOne is changing the payments industry with our Managed Payments Services platform.