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Security and Compliance with SparrowOne

SparrowOne provides the highest levels of data security while offering support to our clients to ensure they are in complete payment compliance. SparrowOneis certified PCI compliant and specializes in taking ownership for our client’s PCI compliance. What separates SparrowOne from other gateways is our unique service option, offering to provide our client’s quarterly audits with checklist reviews, as well recommended actions that will help improve their information security.

Complete Encryption

SparrowOne uses HTTPS/HSTS for all secure connections to the platform. Data in transit is encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) with 2048 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.


SparrowOne has been audited by a PCI-Certified auditor and is certified to Level 1 PCI Service Provider.


SparrowOne’s Single Use Tokens allow merchants to process payments without handling payment information. Payment information is tokenized when consumers first type into the web browser. SparrowOne’s system uses dual tokens to authenticate any purchase. Through this innovation, merchants’ systems are kept out of scope for PCI Compliance, thus considerably reducing the cost to become and remain PCI compliant.