Security and Compliance with SparrowOne

Secure your Data, Save your Business
SparrowOne offers Active Compliance Management as a security framework to achieve and maintain data security compliance resulting in the dramatic reduction of risk associated with external cyber-attacks and internal threats.

A Serious Problem

A data breach is a crisis for all institutions and organizations. Many never recover their lost business, relationships and impact to their reputation.? These breaches are always a result of an organization?s lack of security standards compliance.? Achieving compliance and maintaining this status is complex, costly and changes daily.

Essential Elements of SparrowOne’s Active Compliance Management

  • Compliance assessments (PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA and others)
  • Penetration and vulnerability testing
  • Deployment of the compliance stack
  • Implement security plan, policies and procedures
  • Education and training of employees
  • 24 X 7 active monitoring of all systems

?We were told by our bank we were out of PCI compliance and our website had recently been breached. We lacked resources and expertise to own solving the problem. That?s when SparrowOne stepped in and assisted us to quickly build our plan, policies and procedures. They even educated our leadership team and staff. We are now fully PCI and HIPAA compliant and retained them to manage our security every day.?

Suzanne, Owner

Why work with SparrowOne to solve your security and compliance issues?

  • Turn-key compliance package with the tools and experts to help you to achieve and maintain compliance.
  • Unique ability to design, develop and support on premises, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • The Active Compliance Management service dramatically reduces the internal management and resource costs.
  • Single point of management for all compliance policies, procedures and reporting.
  • Prepares the organization for all audits and any required remediation.

Start with an assessment

The opportunity to understand your risk is critical. SparrowOne will provide a clear and concise review of your overall security, infrastructure design, compliance standing and operating policies and procedures. An assessment summary is provided below for your review.

About Us

Starting a payments company in 2006 made us acutely aware of the risks to our clients and our business of a security breach. The news headlines were littered with major data breaches impacting millions of consumers and businesses.? After the difficult process of meeting our first compliance audits and talking to our customers about their internal compliance struggles, it was clear that only the largest organizations could tackle the complexity and exhaustive tasks required to meet the minute-by-minute demands of being secure and maintaining industry compliance standards.? We decided to solve this problem for companies that lacked expertise, resources, and systems to secure their future.

What can I expect from SparrowOne?s Active Compliance Management service?


  • Vulnerability Scans
  • Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Tests


  • Incident Response and Reporting
  • Policy Development and Management
  • Employee Review, Training and Termination Procedures
  • Email Training and Protections
  • Facility Review, Policies and Procedures
  • Scams and Fraud Training and Tools


  • Operational (OPSEC approach)
  • Data Security (and Privacy)
  • Network Security
  • Website Security
  • Mobile Devices
  • Payment Cards


  • Harden Hardware
  • Segment Network
  • Encrypt
  • Limit Access
  • Internal Security System
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Log Monitors
  • External Firewall
  • Secure Coding

SparrowOne has been providing security and compliance services since 2006. Let us know how we can help you to meet your compliance and security requirements.

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Complete Encryption

SparrowOne uses HTTPS/HSTS for all secure connections to the platform. Data in transit is encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) with 2048 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates.


SparrowOne has been audited by a PCI-Certified auditor and is certified to Level 1 PCI Service Provider.


SparrowOne?s Single Use Tokens allow merchants to process payments without handling payment information. Payment information is tokenized when consumers first type into the web browser. SparrowOne?s system uses dual tokens to authenticate any purchase. Through this innovation, merchants? systems are kept out of scope for PCI Compliance, thus considerably reducing the cost to become and remain PCI compliant.