Take Control of Fraud with SparrowOne?s FBI Tools

SparrowOne’s suite of Fraud-Based Intelligence (FBI) monitoring tools help identify and eliminate payment fraud in your system by utilizing our rules engine to address IP addresses, AVS and duplication bans. Our experienced fraud specialists will also monitor and recommend fraud settings that will promote a healthy merchant account, leading to a lower effective rate.

Benefits of SparrowOne?s FBI tools:

  • Immediate fraud detection and prevention
  • Proactive flagging or immediate termination of suspicious activities
  • Customized for your industry and business model
  • Protects your merchant account health through fraud and chargeback reduction

Features of FBI tools:

  • Graphical Dashboard for monitoring activity
  • Customizable rules based filters
  • Transaction review options
  • Ability to apply global rules for all merchant accounts

The FBI tools recently provided a dramatic reduction in chargeback volumes from 3% to under 1% in under 90 days for one of our airline clients allowing them to secure a better transaction rate with their processor.

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This screenshot shows two transaction that are being ?held? for review before they are processed. The administrator can choose to accept or decline based upon their research and review.

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