Payment and Data Protection with Managed Payment Services

With today?s economy becoming more global, revenue opportunities are opening all around the world. However, with globalization occurring at a tremendous pace, hackers and fraudsters have taken notice and are attempting to steal payment data at an alarming rate. SparrowOne works around the clock to defend you against those attackers by providing a suite of products and services managed by specialists who will ensure your payments security is world class.

Fraud Control

SparrowOne’s Suite of Fraud Control rules allow you to create a safe environment for all of your payments. The toolset was created to detect, evaluate, avoid and prevent fraudulent transactions. SparrowOne client?s can customize rules and filters based on specific business or industry fraud patterns in order to identify and stop potential fraud.

Security and Compliance

SparrowOne’s Payment Gateway is fully PCI compliant, and has a team of security specialists that ensure that our clients are completely out of PCI scope. Our system is built within the security infrastructure of Microsoft?s Azure platform. However, we understand that your data requires additional layers of security so we?ve built identity detection systems, security stack components and security policies recommended by PCI Compliance council and industry experts. SparrowOne has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

Chargebacks Refunds & Declines

Merchant account health is an important factor when processing credit cards. A high number of declines and chargebacks can harm your merchant rating and lead to higher fees. SparrowOne combats this by providing:

  • Around the clock monitoring of your declines and chargebacks
  • Alerts that will notify you of a sudden spike in your decline or chargeback rate
  • Use of our FBI fraud tools to proactively manage fraudulent transactions that can impact your chargeback rates

SparrowOne is a Leader in Payments

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