Customize Your Reporting with SparrowOne

SparrowOne’s flexible reporting system allows our clients to build reports for specific internal needs by selecting from a suite of standard reports and providing the flexibility to customize reports to match your exact needs. This allows you to get the right information into the right hands based upon the reporting that best fits your business.

Custom pivot table reports

SparrowOne uniquely offers custom pivot table reports. Aside from the standard reports, merchants can create reports to analyze data by date, channel, currency, country, transaction type and more. Individual brands or MIDs can be isolated to get pointed intelligence on the true health of the business. Power users can combine all of these elements to reveal insights about the business like never before. With the right data merchants can proactively manage their business instead of reacting after trends have taken hold.

This example demonstrates the power of the pivot table reporting.

Customizable dashboards

Additionally, SparrowOne provide configurable dashboards to manage the system at a glance or to review critical information periodically. The dashboard layouts and time periods are all easily configurable by the user.

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