Optimized Payments With SparrowOne

By working alongside our clients for the past decade, we recognize there are many companies working with antiquated legacy payments systems and processes. SparrowOne took this challenge seriously and recognized the cost to our clients. This lead us to our unique focus on payments optimization. SparrowOne provides optimization features as well as a dedicated support agent who will ensure you are processing with maximum efficiency.

Interchange Optimization

SparrowOne can lower your effective interchange rate by ensuring each credit card used is assigned the correct risk level, eliminating expensive transaction rate downgrades. This proprietary software algorithm provides the highest level of transaction integrity available in the market. As the large providers create new interchange and more complex rates, we continually update our rules to limit any potential increases in your transaction costs.

Custom Reporting

Build reports that fit your company?s specific needs. Reduce time spent fumbling through complex data sets by utilizing SparrowOne’s flexible and customizable reporting system. Being stuck with our competitor?s static reports can limit your ability to synchronize with your accounting system and improve your management of the payments infrastructure. Get the reports you need in the format that you need them.

Business Intelligence

Payment Gateways provide a wide range of payment information, almost an overwhelming amount. SparrowOne’s Business Intelligence solution leverages this data into recommended actions to optimize your payments infrastructure and overall performance.

SparrowOne is a Leader in Payments

Learn more about how SparrowOne is changing the payments industry with our Managed Payments Services platform.