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Command monitors all of your servers, and our expert NOC technicians will notify you – day or night if critical issues arise.
Remote restart minimizes down-time and reduces after-hours call volume.
In addition to creating alerts & tickets, we leverage our extensive knowledgebase to provide tips and information for remediation and resolution.
We ensure that AV software is up-to-date, preventing security breaches and providing peace of mind. We also provide user security awareness training and perform phishing campaigns.
We perform cyber security assessments as well as compliance certifications.
We provide 3rd attestation of compliance. We will perform and document all of the necessary checks to ensure your compliance.
Our security experts can harden your environment, install and manage intrusion detection systems and review logs looking for anomalies.
We offer internal and external Penetration Tests and provide you with the steps need to remediate and maintain a secure infrastructure.