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10 Reasons to Choose SPARROW

SPARROW’s first decade – Our footprints and milestones.

Automated Clearing House

SPARROW offers one-time and recurring Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions for merchants.

Chargeback Protection

At SPARROW, chargebacks are taken seriously and resolved in the most effective and efficient means.

Credit Card Updater

The Credit Card Updater offers merchants the opportunity to reduce the decline and failure rates associated with recurring payment transactions.

Customer Scoring

SPARROW Customer Scoring allows clients to better monitor, categorize and interactively respond to its customers according to their loyalty and purchase history.

Cyber Security

SPARROW goes above and beyond meeting the latest PCI DSS requirements as a Level 1 provide, taking responsibility for handling all payment transaction data from merchants to processors seriously.

Data Reporting

SPARROW’s innovative payment solution has established the most advanced reporting system available to date.

Data Vault

The SPARROW Data Vault is designed to securely store and recall clients’ payment information for more efficient, repeatable transactions under PCI Level 1 compliance.


SPARROW, with its leading technology, can help merchants to minimize the number of downgrades and lower overall transaction costs dramatically.

Easy Charge – SPARROW’s mobile solution

Easy charge is your key to wireless transaction processing available on any Android or iOS device.

Echo Data Exchange

The Echo Data Exchange system is designed to provide small and medium sized businesses (SMB) better control of supply chain integrations and to efficiently distribute information to downstream partners.

Fraud-Based Intelligent (FBI) Tools

The SPARROW FBI Tools was developed to use advanced algorithm to detect, evaluate, avoid, and prevent credit card fraud.

Global Transaction Routing

SPARROW’s Global Transaction Routing allows merchants to route transactions to the ideal merchant account based on rates, processor, platform, or geographic location using parameters such as card type, IP address, or currency.

Interchange Optimizer

SPARROW’s Interchange Optimizer helps merchants identify and minimize downgraded credit card transactions from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.


The SPARROW layaway system allows merchants to create customized payment sequences and activate payment plans for customers.


MojoBill™ is a customer-centric accounts receivable and automated recurring billing system designed by SPARROW.

Single Use Token

Through SPARROW’s single Use Token, merchants’ systems are kept out of scope for PCI Compliance, thus considerably reducing the cost to become and remain PCI compliant.