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The payments industry has made it difficult to understand the true costs of payments. When asked, most merchants will quote their published merchant services (MS) rate. Unfortunately, this merchant services rate does not capture the total ‘cost of payments’ – it only addresses a portion of the true cost of payments for their organization. There are hidden costs, profit leaks and unexplored opportunities, often overlooked as companies focus on the business of growing their business.

SparrowOne, a leading provider of managed payment service (MPS) solutions, is committed to transparency and helping merchants understand and reduce their true payment. Our Cost of Payments Report was developed with that in mind.

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Cost of Payments Report

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“My processor said my costs for payments was 2.5% and it was really 3.25%! I had no idea everything else that was eating into our profits.”


eCommerce Provider


“Unreal…we never factored into our payments cost the overhead of chargebacks. This report made it clear we had a big expense problem.”


Healthcare Services