Who Is SparrowOne?

Merchants and retailers need 24/7 uptime, secure systems and minimal processing costs. At Sparrow we install, secure and support the systems we provide. This gives our customers a single point of contact for all things payments. Our customers enjoy end to end solutions that include managed IT services, PCI compliance assessments, SAQs and remediation services. Our proven process moves business forward with IT guidance, proactive services, and responsive support that turns information and technology into a contributor for growth.

What We Do

We design and deploy a comprehensive digital strategy that enables automation and optimization of key business processes while reducing complexity, cost, and regulatory risk. Our customers enjoy reduced scope for compliance, enhanced cyber security posture and streamlined management of their IT computing environments.

How We Help

Working as a vendor agnostic partner, SparrowOne helps companies remove the barriers that cause complexity, stacked costs and unnecessary risks. Our unique expertise enables us to design solutions based on your unique financial, regulatory and IT objectives resulting in regained misplaced spending.

Reduced Complexity

SparrowOne assesses your financial, technical and regulatory compliance objectives and aligns them with a strategic road map to short-term and long-term revenue and productivity gains.

Reduced Costs

Managing vendor relationships takes time and expertise. SparrowOne works side-by-side with your team to appropriately reduce your vendor pool, resulting in lower costs and gained productivity.

Reduced Risks

More vendors means more blind spots and attack vectors for cyber threats. More vendors also means greater risk and management of non-compliance and conflicting mitigation strategies.

Keeping Our Passion For Excellence

Building a company of like-minded individuals who devote themselves to building strong, long-lasting relationships is just as important as technical skillsets. SparrowOne was built differently – with a unique purpose and with unparalleled support – to Align Business, Culture and Technology in support of business objectives.

Our founders’ priorities were to assemble a team of IT professionals with unique customer service skills – we deliver service with our clients’ financial, technical and regulatory objectives at the forefront of all we do.

Whether you are developing strategy, deploying technology, or improving an operational model, SparrowOne helps you manage focus and transform your business to gain competitive edge.

Deliver innovative, industry focused products and services that are agile and flexible to evolving customer requirements and their market demand.

Matanda Doss


Deliver collaborative solution development combined with a personalized and valued end-to-end experience across the entire customer journey.

Sheri Cusanek


Deliver superior services that adapt, scale and deliver value to customers combined with best-in-class methodologies, processes and tools.

Floyd Fields


All For One, One For All

SparrowOne believes in diversity in the workplace, in our community and in support of our customers. Small, women-owned, minority, veteran-owned and service-disabled businesses and charities are part of our growing portfolio. By promoting business opportunities for small and diverse companies, our expertise reinforces their success and the success of a flourishing community that truly believes we are All for One and One for All.


We believe that truth and honesty are the foundation of who we are as people and in turn, as a company.


We fully own the success of our customers, partners, teammates and business.

Team Players

We are determined to support the goals of our team, ahead of even our own. We will do this with kindness, appreciation and a friendly attitude.


We love ideas. We require them for personal growth, to build our company, improve our performance and solve problems.


We approach every situation with a positive and open mind.


We are go-getters, embrace risk and are always biased to act, guided by the collective team good.


We enjoy the challenge of using our creativity to overcome difficult situations and find the answers.

At SparrowOne, the world’s most talented IT consultants, engineers, technicians and thought leaders are building value-add partnerships with clients across the globe.


We take care of our employees in more ways than one. Our competitive benefits package includes premium medical, dental, vision and retirement coverage for employees and their dependents. As well, we offer a flexible work location to reflect our values and our desire to create a workplace of the future with professionalism, integrity and work-life balance.

Work-life Balance

We believe that quality time outside the office is vital to our employees’ satisfaction at work. That’s why our flexible PTO plan encourages team members to take time off so they can come back refreshed. Employees are also encouraged to pursue their creative passions and side hustles.

Approachable Leadership

We’re dedicated to ensuring all employees have the information they need to do their jobs well. Our monthly All Hands meetings, email newsletters, and Executive Leaders Office Hours are just a few of the programs we run to bring our 3 offices and remote team together and share key aspects of the business across the entire organization.