About SparrowOne

SparrowOne is not just another payment gateway solutions provider. The company was started by one man – merchant services expert, technology pioneer and visionary ? with experience as a software provider for some of the world?s largest retailers, a deep understanding for the complexity and cost of payment processing, and a passion for reducing the ?payment-friction? that business owners face every day in growing their business.

With that core passion, SparrowOne was founded more than a decade ago to support one of the most demanding customers possible, the United States Department of Defense, for their Military Star Credit Card. With the U.S. Department of Defense, SparrowOne was tested against the highest benchmarks for security and scalability and international payment support and excelled. It was also during this validation period that SparrowOne first realized an ?out of the box? payment processing solution would not be adequate for all businesses; specifically, for industries such as airlines, travel, and others known for complexity of payment options, required systems integration, and risk and compliance management. These businesses required a higher degree of flexibility, customization and services, typically not provided by other payment solutions providers.

With a penchant for innovation and adapting solutions to clients? needs, SparrowOne sought out companies that could not solve their payment processing problems with cookie-cutter solutions, generic payment gateways and unsophisticated payment processors. And today, with more than 10 years of software development, services support and client success, SparrowOne is recognized as a leading payment solutions partner for airlines, travel and other complex payment environments ? especially suited to mid-market businesses with fewer human resources and expertise to monitor and manage payment technology.

With its latest innovation, SparrowOne Managed Payment Services, SparrowOne once again leads the industry with the first managed payment services (MPS) solution for mid-market businesses. Consistent with its pedigree, SparrowOne Managed Payment Services reduces the complexity and cost of payment processing with a proven payments platform integrated with leading merchant processors and a services management model so clients can focus on growing their business.

Sparrow. Payment processing made simple, adapted to your business. Outsourced and managed by our experts so you can focus on your business. Built for the mid-market. Secure. Global.