Business Focused Solutions

Payment Processing I Regulatory Compliance I Cyber Security Managed IT

Focus on Growth, Not Technology

Remove the barriers that cause complexity, stacked costs and security gaps.

Enhanced Security Posture
Reduced Risk

Remove blind spots that lead to ransomware, regulatory fines and legal fees.

Tested by the best, the US Department of Defense, our broad and deep technical expertise and relentless accountability has been put to the test by the best.

Who We Are

SparrowOne is business-to-technology solutions provider with a unique purpose to help companies reduce complexity, reduce cost and reduce risk through business-focused solutions and managed services based on their distinct financial, technical and regulatory objectives.

Our unique tools and flexible offerings span Payment Processing, Cyber Security, Compliance, and Professional and Managed IT.




Our Capabilities

Cloud & Hybrid

We have saved clients millions in hardware refresh dollars by helping them develop and migrate to a public, private or hybrid cloud solution.


SparrowOne helps organizations shape how work is performed, and enable teamwork that leads to better results, greater innovation and higher productivity.


Our broad experience in information and cyber security includes risk management solutions for some of the most-attacked networks in the world.


It is entirely possible to enforce a solid data security strategy that protects your most vulnerable data without restricting employees or affecting productivity.


We collaborate with clients to assess their current infrastructure, design a custom networking solution and integrate it into their organization.


We help companies move beyond just major disasters and boost their corporate immune system to withstand changes and move past crises.

Managed IT

Our clients trust us to deliver an integrated and flexible suite of services that help them bring together the ideal combination of talent, partners and solutions.

Secure Payments

Our unique and broad experience helps clients innovative their payment solutions for faster, easier transactions with lower costs.

How We Work

“It’s not often that I feel this strongly about a company. I am confident, no matter how pleased you are with your current IT, SparrowOne will offer recommendations on how to improve your systems, make your staff more productive and improve your bottom line.”
“We have experienced deeper discounts and a simplified invoicing solution with SparrowOne’s expertise. Departments are more productive, and we are now confident of our PCI compliance. Employees are extremely happy with the automation and ease of use.”
“SparrowOne takes the burden out of disparate support and solutions. We no longer have the finger pointing between vendors and we have aligned business objectives that have improved our bottom line and security posture.” Even if we’re not sure where the problem is or how we improve, Sparrow does – they are an extension of our company.”

What Makes Us Better


Our Approach is Strategic

At SPARROWONE, our team members approach every client engagement with the end-state in mind; building a long-term collaborative relationship that supports the objectives of our clients’ organization to lowers costs, enhance customer service and increase revenue.


Our Expertise is Driven

Today’s IT landscape is more complex and requires technology experts to specialize and be familiar with the vast areas of IT. Having IT Professional and Managed Services, Security and Compliance and Secure Payment solutions under one umbrella, we get a holistic view of your company and can deliver “Complete turnkey solutions” that are customized to your  needs.


Our Clients aren’t just Referenceable. They’re Repeatable.

We focus on accountability, standards and processes to deliver on quality customer service and business results. We use industry standard Service Management, based on your organization operations, to help align products and services with client needs.  We monitor quality of service 24*7 and are consistently rated above 98% customer satisfaction. We believe in accountability and share with you our performance in scheduled reporting and business reviews.

How We Help

SparrowOne’s deep knowledge of global payment processing, accompanied by their expertise in PCI Compliance and regulatory changes, has helped us significantly reduce cost and safely penetrate markets that have traditionally been difficult to reach and have little to no cyber security awareness. – Howard Koziara, Director, Unicity
“SparrowOne found ICE a sponsor bank that believed in our business model, thus stabilizing our merchant processing and enabling us to grow by more than 300% over the last 4 years without having to increase our reserve requirements. SparrowOne’s staff created and implemented software that allowed us to more efficiently manage our client calls, reduce unnecessary call transfers, and cut down our total call volume by over 30%.” – Travis Helm, Executive Director, ICE
“I have calculated that over a five-year period SparrowOne saved us $4,200,000.00 and counting.” – Kevin Ford, CFO, Globus Tours

Business Focused Solutions